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Classic Chevy’s – The 1958 Chevrolet Bell Air Series

For 1958, General Motors and Chevrolet redesigned a car that was broader, lower, longer, and heavier than their 1955, 1956 and 1957 predecessors. The 1955, 1956 and 1957 Chevy’s were described as the “Hot Ones.” Chevrolet advertising described the 1958 Chevy as a “A Whole New Look!” All models had a fresh look and a pleasing design especially in the 1958 Chevrolet Bell Air series. There were 6 new Bell Air’s. (1) Bell Air Sport Coupe two door hard top, (2) Bell Air Sport Sedan four door hard top, (3) Bell Air two door Sedan and the (4) Bell Air four door Sedan. Plus the 1958 (5) Bell Air Impala Convertible and (6) Bell Air Impala Sport Couple which are covered in another Zine Article. The Bell Air Sport Coupe two door hard top and Bell Air Sport Sedan four door hard top, were in some ways closely related to the more costly Bell Air Impala. Exterior trim and interior trim packages were luxurious but slightly different. However, they were still beautiful cars and part of Chevy’s top line up. For sake of protection of your car there also exist things like chevrolet bel air cover. In fact they were the focal point of Chevrolet’s popularity and could be equipped with almost any accessories available for 1958.

In addition to the hard tops Chevrolet produced two Bell Air sedans, a two door and a four door. The sedans had the same Sculptural styling as the hard tops. Both sedans were offered in the same solid colors and to-tone combinations. Interiors were just as plush with all the new vibrant colors, ribbed vinyl and textured fabrics offered on the hard tops. “With those new slim pillars and Sculptural styling you can easily image it’s a hardtop” described one 1958 Chevrolet sedan brochure. “With windows raised you can barely tell them from a hardtop” said another. The Chevrolet Bell Air was first produced by General Motors in 1953 and was always considered a premium model until the 1958 Bell Air Impala was introduced. By 1959, Chevrolet elevated the Impala to top of the line status and making the Bell Air the mid level model until 1965. From 1966 to 1975 the Bell Air name was a basic no frills full sized car.

Classic Car Museums

Each year many classic car auctions and shows are organized worldwide, but museums would be the one place where they are visible at any time. Probably the most significant classic car museums may be the Canton Classic Car Museum from Ohio. This particular museum was founded through the late Marshall Beholden in 1978, a man that realized what an important part those cars play in our history. Nowadays the classic car museum is really a home in excess of forty-five rare or eccentric cars. But these impressive vehicles aren’t the only real stars from the museum. A large number of historical pieces are displayed as well. This category includes: steam engines, movie posters or historical photographs. The museum can be obtained seven days per week, from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm and it charges only $7.50 for adults and $5.00 for children under the age of 6. It also offers discounts for groups and guided tours. So if you’re thinking about souvenirs the gift shop opened during museum hours will be the answer for your shopping crave. The museum is proud of its American iconic cars like the 1957 Chevy Bell Air convertible, probably the most famous cars ever built by Chevrolet or even the 1959 Cadillac Maritza convertible, the car that reflects the futuristic vision of Harley Earl and Frank Hershey. The time frame covered by this gorgeous cars ranges from 1901 to 1970. The oldest one is the 1901 curved-dash Oldsmobile, while the “new generation” brags around with a 1970 Plymouth Super Bird. One-of-a-kind is a term that characterizes most of the cars displayed inside the museum. Each room includes a theme. For instance, the 1930’s theme is represented by some true automotive works of art. Brands such as Mormon, Pierce-Arrow, Cord, Packard or Cadillac take you back in time and present you the 1930s. Another amazing car may be the Bantam pickup truck, an automobile that is actually a prototype built by Bantam for the U. S. Government. The vehicle was said to be a multi-purpose military vehicle, but in the finish it became in the marketplace. The Bantam pickup grew to become known as the Jeep. The initial contract that involved manufacturing a military vehicle was awarded to Willy/Overland and to the Ford Motor Company, since the Bantam Company was too small for the task.

The Canton Classic Car Museum is also the proud who owns an original, not restored fire truck. We are talking about a 1937 Barrens-Fox Quad powered with a massive Hercules engine. Another precious acquisition is really a 1937 Packard hearse that is equipped with a V12 engine. The most interesting feature of this car is presented by the hand-carved mahogany body panels. Europeans are represented as well. A 1962 German-built Amphibian dominates one of the rooms. Surprisingly, this car was the type of car that may be used as a pleasure boat too. That’s the key reason why the Amphibian has dual propellers and the front wheels have been developed specifically to be used also as dual rudders. Another interesting car hosted through the museum is really a three-wheel Italian classic car, the 1957 BMW Anisette. Exactly this model was part of a TV program entitled “Family Matters”.

Bel Air Lighting – For Stylish Homes

Lighting forms an integral part of planning a house. When you are planning on the interiors and the overall decor of the house, you will also need to plan how you want your overall decor to be as per the lighting. The lighting of a place is very vital. It plays an important role in shaping the character and the beauty of the house. Bad lighting that has not been appropriately chosen for a home can make a place look like a washout or a dungeon. Thus, we need to carefully select the lighting for the home, and ensure that it goes with the walls and the size of the room. Bell Air lighting is one of the most famous companies in this regard. They have thousands of lighting solutions for various purposes. What you must really check out is outdoor post lights and the collection of lamps that they have in this category. The collection is extensive, and covers a wide variety of designs. You can go from simple, modern day lamps to old fashioned ornate ones. While selecting lamps for outdoors, you must consider the effects of rain and heat on the lamp, and the dust as well. Bell Air lighting provides you with an excellent range of good quality products that will ensure that your lamps remain durable and strong. Bell Air lighting also has various exciting forms of light bulbs. You can chose a Solar LED bulb if you are looking for something that is Eco friendly, uses very little power and provides a lot of brightness. These bulbs are becoming the most in-demand variety of lighting, and Bell Air lighting gives you some exciting deals for them. Bell Air lighting also provides you with exciting solutions for indoor lighting needs. You will be able to furnish your house and make it look like a warm and welcoming home. The lights provided by this company are extremely stylish, and meet all your expectations.

Review of Bell Air down Comforter

There is an old saying that goes nothing is as good as it seems. This may be a simple statement but, it can prove true in many aspects of life including but not limited to, love, happiness, careers, and day to day life. It has also proven to be true with the Bell Air down comforter but, not in the way that one would predict after first hearing this. Have you ever heard the saying there is beauty in simplicity well after my review I have realized that although on the surface to someone else this bed set may seem simple enough but, it is indeed far from it. The design features a simple but, elegant egg shell white on a checkered backdrop. It is truly a marvel to look at and the satin piping seems to give the bed set a certain sparkle to it and this simple design opens up the door for the use of a duvet cover if need be. But, what really gets your heart beating is the thread count featured in this bedding. An 800 or above thread count is a rarity that can show in its average listing price of over 400 dollars. This comforter features a thread count of 1000 and can be found at some places for less than 200 dollars which is amazing is what sets this comforter set apart from the heard. It is true that nothing is ever truly as good as it seems and for this Bell Air comforter it is also true, this bedding set is in fact much better then it initially seemed.

Infant Car Seat Covers – What To Look For

Nowadays, consciousness towards safety and concerns has set adequate standards for implementing safety measures. One such step towards this is by purchasing baby car seat covers. For babies below age of one need safety precautions while riding in car. Most city couples during their weekdays prefer traveling to their countryside home. Infant car seat covers are an ideal gear to carry for couples riding with newborn child. There are several benefits of choosing baby car seat covers. They hold your baby to rear seat. In fact, babies are too small to fit in car safety belts. However, using covers they easily hinge to the seats.

Following are some effective tips that you may watch for while choosing infant car seat covers:

Pleasing To Eyes: While deciding a baby seat cover, you may check for whether it is attractive and pleasing to eyes. Most babies resist wearing straps owing to restriction they impart to their motion. However, colorful covers that look pleasing to their eyes might distract their discomfort. Avoid choosing covers by comparing with the interiors of your car. Parents may rather check on whether it is pleasing to the child at first place. In addition, most people popularly buy plain colors such as white or pink. Comfortable design: Infant car seat covers that are easy to fit and strap are best buys. Baby seat covers that fit your child sell well over shabby and clumsy ones. Never experiment while buying baby car seat covers, as it may invite unnecessary troubles. Choose conventional designs that are easy to implement and easy to care. Most baby sear covers that sell in market are tested for safety standards. The prime objective of a baby sear cover is to impart adequate safety to child in case of road mishap. Apart from imparting cushion and safety, a cover must also ensure comfortable design.

Wash proof or replaceable: Look for wash ability of baby seat covers. Your baby may surprise you by passing urination. Despite of wearing diapers, babies may pass urine on covers. It is ideal to buy a wash proof cover, so you can reuse it without replacing. However, covers that allow replacements may eventually prove costlier to those allowing ease of wash ability and re usability.

Durability: Covers that stays unaffected during endurance show good durability. Most high quality covers show good durability. These materials last long. Moreover, they never show up problems such as rupture. Straps fitted to baby seats should lay intact in case of accidents. Failure of straps would lead to failure of covers. Hence, it is ideal to buy them from good stores. Most products involving covers undergo enough testing to check their durability. Hence, do not worry on differences in prices. Both cheap as well as high quality materials may come in different price ranges. In case, you are on a tight smaller budget, then you may decide to go for simple designs. However, never sacrifice on safety features such as durability of the cover.

Cushioning: Traveling and jerks are inseparable facets of same coin. Being older, we can endure big jerk, but babies can react to smallest of jerks. Disregard of you being alert while steering over a pothole, your baby may give up to the jerk. However, by having infant car seat covers, you provide adequate cushioning to your baby. Cushions absorb shocks. It contains the impact by holding it tight to the baby.

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